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Covering the Web: May 29/15

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • Covered by the Lord (Jessica White)
      “I’m going to be brave and admit something to you. Since November of 2009, I have worn a headcovering whenever I pray or ask the Lord for or share a prophetic word.”
    • Why is headcovering so hard? (Truth at Home)
      “I’m not going to address challenges other people might have with headcovering, here. I’m simply going to talk about my own experiences.” Also view the companion article “Straightening.”
    • A Letter to Todd Friel About Head Coverings (Reformed Christian Theology)
      “Hey Todd, love the show. My Wretched TV membership is money well spent and my wife and I greatly profit from your teaching. It is for this reason it pains me to disagree with your comments in Episode 1562 about “head coverings” being something that is merely “cultural.””
    • Christian Woman Headcovering Tichel Tutorial (Super Radical Christian Writer Chick)
      “This video will save you $$ and your head covering won’t slip off…ever. I have six children so I do a lot of jumping, bending, playing and it doesn’t slip off.”
    • A word of gratitude and encouragement for my fellow Indian head-covering sisters (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
      “When I read the kind response from Brother Zac Poonen, a leader of Christian Fellowship Church, Bangalore, the tears rolled down and I could not stop praising God for His wonderful arrangement.”
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Derek Prince Quote Image

Derek Prince Quote Image

Source: Derek Prince – Rules of Engagement (Chosen Books, 2002) 

No Such Custom (As Women Praying Uncovered)

The final verse in the headcovering passage is a confusing one for many. What did Paul mean when he said we have “no such custom?” Did he really just say you can disregard everything he just finished saying? In this video we give you 5 reasons why it shouldn’t be interpreted that way. Instead of being dismissive of headcovering, it’s actually one of the strongest arguments in favor of the practice.

Christian Headcovering in India

Christian Headcovering in India

Let’s face it. Head covering in America isn’t commonplace. Of course, head covering is prevalent in some areas — like in Muslim or Jewish communities and an even smaller percentage exists among Christian communities. But what about in other countries? What does head covering look like in ancient places like Egypt, Israel or India? Does it still exist? And if so, what is it’s purpose? What will these answers teach us?

As a head covering Christian woman I was excited to see the practice first hand on our recent trip to Hyderabad, India. Immediately upon arrival, I realized the difference between my American culture and their India one: head covering is everywhere in India.
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The Headcovering (Sermon)

Head Covering Sermons

Preacher: Rev. Colin Mercer | Sermon Length: 43 min | Year preached: February 2003

Rev. Colin Mercer

Rev. Colin Mercer is the senior minister of Faith Free Presbyterian Church. He and his family moved to Greenville from Northern Ireland in September, 2009. He was converted to Christ at the age of eight. He commenced attending his local Free Presbyterian Church in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, as a young teenager and soon became involved in the ministry of that congregation. He served as a Sunday School teacher and participated in Youth meetings and open air services. In 1988 he was called by God to prepare for the gospel ministry and consequently in September 1989 commenced studies in the Theological Hall of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. On the completion of his studies he accepted a call from the Castlederg congregation and was ordained and installed on 21st January 1994. In 1999 Rev. Mercer moved to Mourne Free Presbyterian Church, and accepted the Lord’s call to Faith in May 2009.

Mr. Mercer and his wife, Heather, have two daughters, Lois is a student at Bob Jones University and Hannah attends Bob Jones Academy.

The subject of the headcovering has caused great controversy within the church of Christ. Strange as it seems, many believers accept the latter part of 1 Corinthians 11 but have grave difficulty when it comes to the opening verses. However, obedience to God is important on every matter – even on the matter of the headcovering.

>>> In addition to streaming this sermon above, you can also download it.

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