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A Guide To Head Covering Styles

A Guide To Head Covering Styles

Maybe your new to head coverings and you are confused by all the styles available. You don’t know what a “tichel” is or you are wondering which style is appropriate for a Christian woman to wear. I am blessed to be a part of an amazing group of woman on Facebook that daily interact with each other. And let me say that they wear EVERYTHING under the sun — from a more traditional Mennonite style cap to simple headbands to a Muslim hijabs.

In the Bible, Paul doesn’t address the style of head covering, but rather that we should be covered. The interpretation of that verse when it comes to style is far and wide. The list below is by no means exhaustive.

For more images of head coverings, visit The Head Covering Movement’s Pinterest page!

There are so many different styles of head coverings to choose from when covering as a Christian woman. Check out these styles and learn more about head covering.

Many of the definitions below are adapted from Wikipedia.

Head Covering Styles

1. Hat

A hat is any structured material that covers the head.

2. Tichel

The tichel, also called a mitpachat, is a headscarf worn that can range from a very simple plain color cotton square with a simple tie in the back to very elaborate fabrics with very complex ties using multiple fabrics.

There are multiple tying methods, but the two main types are:

  • Sinar Tichel
  • Full Cover Tichel

3. Turban

A turban is a type of headwear based on cloth winding

4. Hijab

A hijab is a veil that covers the head and chest, most notably worn among Muslim women. There are many different styles, usually based on the region or location in which it is worn.

5. Habit OR ameera

The nun’s habit or an Islamic al-amira are both a two-piece veil. It consists of a close fitting cap  and a loose outer cloth.

6. Snood

A snood is a type of hood or hairnet worn by women

7. Mantilla/Chapel Veil

A mantilla is a lace or silk veil or shawl worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb called a peineta.

8. Scarf, Infinity Scarf

A piece of cloth that can be worn over the head, neck, shoulders in a variety of ways. It can be square or rectangular, long or short.

An infinity scarf is a scarf that is attached at both ends creating a circle over the head and around the neck, sometimes can be long enough to be doubled.

9. BANDANNA/Kerchief

A bandanna/kerchief triangular piece of fabric that is place on the head and is tied at the base of the neck.

10. Wide Headband or Cowl Headband

Unlike regular headbands, wide headbands cover a significant portion of a woman’s head and hair.

11. Kapp/Cap or Bonnet

Traditionally worn by the Amish, Quaker, or Mennonite women. This white or black cap is worn on the back of the head. It is sometimes sheer with strings for tying.

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