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“Headcovering Throughout Christian History” by David Phillips

Headcovering Throughout Christian History

Today I’d like to introduce you to a great new e-book on 1 Corinthians 11. It’s called “Headcovering Throughout Christian History” by David Phillips.

Here’s a snippet from the book description:

“Headcovering Throughout Church History” is an overview of the Church’s response to 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 across the last 2000 years of Christianity. It features the writings of the Early Church, Augustine, Martin Luther, John Bunyan, Charles Spurgeon, and many others. It also documents contemporary theologians & denominations that endorse the Church’s historical stand on this passage of Scripture. Now in Kindle format, this book contains the most comprehensive research currently available on this topic. Carefully referenced quotations allow you to hear from well over 50 theologians, pastors, and other Christian writers throughout Church history.”

David has graciously placed his e-book on sale for only $0.99 now through September 12th. I really hope you will buy a copy as it’s a tremendous resource of historical quotes in a well-organized fashion. To continue to grow this movement, we all need to support one another’s efforts in spreading the word about this message. If we all get behind this book, it will show that there’s a demand for resources on this topic which can open new doors.

Come back tomorrow to learn about the history of head covering. We’ll be posting a video interview we recently conducted with David on this topic.

To purchase “Headcovering Throughout Christian History” please visit this page. You can read this book (or any other Kindle book) on your computer, smartphone or tablet by installing a free Kindle app.

Jeremy Gardiner

Jeremy is the founder of the Head Covering Movement and the author of Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice for Modern Times. He is a member of Fellowship Baptist Church and a student at Moody Bible Institute. He lives in Alberta, Canada with his wife and five young children. Jeremy is also the founder and operator of Gospel eBooks, a popular website that provides alerts for free and discounted Christian e-books.

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  • Bruce

    I cannot think of a thing less important than what a woman is wearing on their head during worship … How about just being thankful that they’re there?

    • We are. But we believe that whatever God says about a topic is very important and should be heeded. Since God does give us instructions on this topic, we believe it would be wrong to ignore those directions.

    • Sara June Thompson

      Obeying God is very important. We want our worship to be pleasing to God.

    • Christian Filbrun

      Bruce, if I may inquire, why do you consider the teaching of the veiling to be unimportant, and more specifically, the most unimportant…?

      • Bruce

        did i say that? I just think that churches need to adopt inclusionary strategies to boost attendance and exposure rather than espousing what are easily perceived as petty, exclusionary requirements, especially when those requirements are only imposed on women…

        • Kay

          I believe the Church should teach the whole counsel of God, and encourage all believers to be studied in the Scripture to hold teachers accountable. The Church should gather for worship, not evangelism. Evangelism should mainly be done outside of the gathering of believers. (In my understanding)

        • Christian Filbrun

          Well, you did say you couldn’t “think of a thing less important”… Perhaps I misunderstood you. Am still curious what relegates it to such a low level, though. And two things that might be worth thinking about. First, what and who’s perception determines what is a “petty, exclusionary requirement?” Seems awfully subjective. Secondly, regarding “only imposed on women”, if we are referring to the teachings of I Cor 11 here, since that IS the focus of this site, that’s manifestly untrue; it is equally “imposed” upon men to keep their hair short and not cover their heads as it is upon women to have long hair and conceal it with a veiling.

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