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Head Covering: A Timely and Exciting Symbol

This clip by Dr. Mark Minnick is fantastic. We share his excitement about this symbol and fully agree that it’s a very timely. Give it a listen. If you’d like to hear the full sermon you can listen to it here (look for the sermon on May 24/15.) We’ll be posting his sermon series on this topic as soon as he’s finished it (which we believe wraps up this coming Sunday.)


Carlton C. McLeod

Agreed. FAN. TAS. TIC. Well said brother. And said with so much love and grace.

Jamie Carter

If I recall correctly, it was previously decided that head covering is supposed to be a symbol for the church. The last I checked, the world isn’t always present at church to see the symbol. Religions are always a cultural curiosity, but very rarely do worldly people see the symbols of a religion and understand it’s meaning. I’d have to hear more of the sermon to see what direction he goes with the sermon.
If the symbol is for the world, then I would suggest doing as the Amish do and the Pilgrims did, chose a style of hat to wear when out in the world, one for the men and another for the women. So that people can identify your religion by your hat.

Vicki Horton

The Bible says your hair is your covering and glory. If you want to wear a head covering than that’s your right, but it is not ordered of God.


Love it


This is probably one of the best clips I have heard in the last 20 years

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