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Covering the Web: Feb 21/14

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

  • Courage to cover (Becoming A Titus 2 Wife)
    “Once again, I will be the only one that I know of in our church of over 900 that covers there…If I can’t overcome my fear to cover in public worship when God asks me to, then how can He trust me to obey Him in bigger things?
  • Headcovering in Public Worship (Free Presbyterian Church)
    “In the Free Presbyterian Church we believe we should obey God rather than men–or women! That is why we follow the only custom on this matter that God ever established in His church–that men should not engage in public worship with their heads covered, and women should not do so without their heads being covered. To us this is no legal bondage but a joyful gospel testimony to the sole glory of Christ in His church.”
  • Should Christian women wear a headcovering at church? (The Free Press)
    “It would seem strange that Paul goes to these lengths to command the women to wear the headcovering if the external practice is of no importance whatsoever.”
  • Why Christian Women Cover Their Hair. (BibleStudy.net)
    “We have therefore seen a nearly universal practice, women covering their hair in churches, completely effaced over the course of, say, the past 50 years or so. In fact, the practice has gone so unpracticed, that when my own wife wore a covering over her hair in the church we attended almost 30 years ago, she was the ONLY woman in the church so doing.”
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