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Covering the Web: Edition #6

Covering The Web

“Covering the Web” is where we shine the spotlight on content about head covering or complementarianism that we did not produce ourselves. Each edition includes articles, videos, photos, as well as e-book deals relevant to our movement’s mission. Links are not endorsements.

  • MUST READ: The Christian Woman’s Legitimate Sphere of Action and Influence (The Transformed Wife)
    “Once in a while, I enjoy looking at the commentaries of old to see what they have to say about a verse so I did it with this one. Do they think this verse was only relevant to the time it was written as many believe? Were the women back then loud and obnoxious in the churches so this verse is not relevant for today?”
  • A Modest Reply to a Brother’s Challenges (King & Kirk)
    “Did Eve wear a head covering while naked in the garden?”

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Re-Post • @abiding_home – I can’t believe it’s June! I feel like time is flying by these days. This month my sweet girl here will turn 5! Today, simply because it was finally June, she put on this pink polka dot dress and her older sister’s necklace. Everyone has been pretending she is a queen. 💕She’s telling me here that she has a secret key in her necklace. I love her enthusiasm! This is such a rich season of life! I don’t want to take a moment for granted. And 5 and 6 are my favorite ages for children, at least for now because we haven’t been through all the ages yet, but these are such sweet years! These have been my favorite ages even since my younger siblings were this age. At 5 and 6 they are still little in so many ways, and yet there is a maturity that takes place where they are more independent and self-controlled than those preschool years. Truly my favorite! Maybe it’s strange that I have a favorite age… I don’t know, do you have a favorite age for children? . . . #childrenareablessing #lovingthelittleyears #five #motherhood

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Re-post • @purposed_homemaker – Would you believe that I completely ignored my husband for the most part before we started dating?😜😂🙈 . It’s so funny to look back at it now, but it’s true! At the time I was so young, and didn’t want to give my attention to the guys or towards having a “crush.” We’d talk of course because we were in youth and he, my brother and I would take rides together, but I was a little hard to strike up a normal convo with.😜 . It’s not like that now though, don’t worry.😉😂 . . . . . #funfact #biblicalmarriage #marriageisforever #theblessingofmarriage #couplephotography #cherryblossomphotography #couplephotographyoutfits #modestoutfit #modestdress #modestfashion #christianmennonitecouple #modestoutfitideas #christiancouples #youandme #marriageforlife #itgetsbettereveryday

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