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Headship and Head Covering (Sermon)

Head Covering Sermons

Preacher: Chalan Hetherington | Sermon Length: 60 min | Year preached: February 2015

Chalan Hetherington

Pastor Hetherington is the full time minister at Bennetts End Reformed Baptist Church in Hemel Hempstead, England. Since by grace being brought to repentance and faith in 1993, he has studied, and also served the Lord at this Church in the various areas and Church offices. In January 2009 he was called to be the Church’s Pastor. A strong proponent of expository preaching, his fervour and gift lies in the area of verse by verse exposition, seeking to follow in the way of God honoured Puritan preaching, believing that the sermon is not just hinged to Scripture; but that it is inside the Word of God. In other words “the Text” is not in the sermon, but that the sermon is in “the Text”. Pastor is married and has four grown children and four grandchildren.

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Jamie Carter

I found it little difficult to understand why wife/woman was used interchangeably. If you believe that “woman” in this passage does not mean “wife” (as if it limits the text and count not possibly have been the original context), then using each and every single “wife” verse as proof why “women” should obey the principle seems out of place (off the top of my head I can’t think of many verses that speak to women who aren’t wives unless they’re widows who would have been wives up until their husbands died or aren’t discussing appropriate fashions). That sort of made it necessary to use husband/man interchangeably to make it cohesive – but today not all women are wives nor all men are husbands and that makes that cohesion fall apart in that light.

Somewhat unrelated, I discovered a Christian website that claimed that it was a nearly universal practice of the ancient church to separate men from women (seat them apart) up until the time of the Protestant Reformation. So it seems that we have gone down the slippery slope of abandoning cultural practices a very long time ago. I suspect that it won’t be revived, however, because there’s no clear biblical prohibition against men and women sitting together.

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