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Recent Updates: June 17/15

Website Changes & Updates

Here are some recent changes we’ve made to this site.

  1. We added an E-Books page which currently has three titles available. Look out for more to be added soon.
  2. We added 10 languages to the “Read 1 Corinthians 11” page. You can help by informing us of the best translation for each language (just in case we didn’t chose the best version). Additionally, you can help us add your language. Just send us an e-mail.
  3. Caroline has begun to translate some of our writings/testimonies into French. Likewise Kinuko has started translating into Japanese. We’ve added links to the sidebar for these languages. If you’d like to help translate into a language you’re fluent in let us know here.
  4. We now have a team page so you can see who regularly contributes to this site.
  5. Prayer has now been added to the main menu bar. If you need prayer or would like to pray for those in need about headcovering/biblical manhood-womanhood please go here.


Jamie Carter

I really like the Spanish version that you’ve chosen, it clearly shows that the italicized words were not in the original but added to scripture for clarity. It’s more honest than my usual translation because it does not differentiate words that are in the original from words that were added to it.


Glad to see these developments. Thanks to the women doing the translating, though I personally won’t benefit from them.

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