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What’s upcoming with the Head Covering Movement?

Hello everyone, today I’d like to take you behind-the-scenes to tell you a few things we’re working on at the Head Covering Movement.


The first thing we’re excited to announce is that we’ll soon be branching off into video. A few months ago we purchased some film equipment, lighting and built a small studio.

We’re looking forward to recording many short videos on head covering which will be posted on Youtube and our site. At a later time we also plan to do some travelling to film testimonies and interview experts. It’s our hope that you should see the first video on our site in a month or two.

Head Covering Movement Studio

[Pictured above is the Head Covering Movement studio.]


Writing a Book

The second thing we’re working on is making steps towards publishing a book on head covering. This coming Monday, I (Jeremy) will be travelling to Portland to attend the Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference. I’ll be meeting with various agents and editors to pitch the book and get professional advice on the next steps to take. A book that is widely accessible is necessary, as not everyone reads blogs. So if you could be praying for us, especially during the conference (Aug 4-7) that would be appreciated.

Short break: Back in early July

Hello everyone, just a quick note to let you know that we’re taking a short break and we’ll be back in early July with some new content.

If you’d like to contribute content for this site (videos, images, testimonies, articles etc.) feel free to e-mail us.

It’s our 1st Birthday today!

It's Our 1st Birthday Today!

Today the Head Covering Movement celebrates our 1st birthday.

To celebrate this milestone we’re going to give away a $25 Amazon.com gift card. You can get in on the draw by entering below:

We’ll be back in 7 days!

Hey everyone, Jeremy from HCM here. Just wanted to give you all a quick update since it’s been a month since I last posted. As of January 1st we moved into our new home and today we finally got internet access back! Lord willing, one week from today we’ll start back with regular posting again. Thanks for your patience during this transition time.

We’ll be back in January

Hey everyone, Jeremy from HCM here.

Just wanted to let everyone know that today I will begin a cross-country trip as my family moves from St. John’s, NL to Edmonton, AB. Because of the trip, holidays and the move I unfortunately will not be able to write during this time. We’ll be back in early January with fresh content.

Please do keep the testimonies and links coming in though. Talk to you all again soon!

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