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Recent Updates: June 17/15

Website Changes & Updates

Here are some recent changes we’ve made to this site.

  1. We added an E-Books page which currently has three titles available. Look out for more to be added soon.
  2. We added 10 languages to the “Read 1 Corinthians 11” page. You can help by informing us of the best translation for each language (just in case we didn’t chose the best version). Additionally, you can help us add your language. Just send us an e-mail.
  3. Caroline has begun to translate some of our writings/testimonies into French. Likewise Kinuko has started translating into Japanese. We’ve added links to the sidebar for these languages. If you’d like to help translate into a language you’re fluent in let us know here.
  4. We now have a team page so you can see who regularly contributes to this site.
  5. Prayer has now been added to the main menu bar. If you need prayer or would like to pray for those in need about headcovering/biblical manhood-womanhood please go here.

It’s our 2nd Anniversary today!

It's Our 2nd Anniversary Today!

Today the Head Covering Movement celebrates our 2nd anniversary!

It’s truly been an incredible year and we’re grateful for the growth in readership and engagement. We’re encouraged to see how this teaching has spread in this short time but realize there’s still a lot more work to do. A special thank you to everyone that’s ever helped us in that mission by sharing our content. We’re looking forward to bringing this teaching to even more households in our third year.

Here’s a re-cap of some of the resources that have had the biggest impact in the last 12 months.

TOP SHARED VIDEO: An Introduction to Christian Head Covering (18,800+ views)
In the last year we recorded our first video and this one, which was our first, has received the most amount of views so far.

TOP SHARED TESTIMONY: Erin Burnett (150+ shares)
Erin is the youngest person (16 years old) to share her testimony with us. Her testimony obviously left an impression on our readers.

TOP SHARED ARTICLE: I Prayed About It (And I Don’t Feel Convicted To Cover) (1300+ shares)
Our most recent article is also the most shared resource we’ve ever posted on this site. It received over 1000 shares in the first 48 hours.

TOP SHARED GUEST POSTChristian Headcovering in India (100 shares)
Elaine Mingus went on a mission trip to India and came back to report if churches there are practicing this symbol.

TOP SHARED E-BOOK: Covered Glory (Condensed) (70+ shares)
David’s e-books have had a huge impact as he gives them away for free in the Kindle store. They were featured on many e-book deal websites producing thousands of downloads.

TOP SHARED SERMON: Head Coverings – Is it for today? (Lecture) (135+ shares)
Earlier this year Pastor Steve Bradley spoke to the student group at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary on the subject of head covering.

TOP SHARED QUOTE IMAGEDr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (165+ Facebook likes+shares)
Lloyd-Jones is a highly respected 20th century preacher. We were delighted to find out this year that he too believed in this symbol.

LARGEST MEDIA COVERAGE: Premier Christianity Magazine: My Headcovering Experiment
Late last year we were mentioned in Premier Christianity Magazine. The author gave a positive article after experimenting with headcovering.

We hope you enjoyed that re-cap. Now we want to hear from you.

We’d love it if you’d leave a comment below letting us know how you found out about HCM and how long you’ve been following the site. We’re looking forward to reading and interacting with your comments as we celebrate our 2nd year together.

Social Sharing Has Been Fixed

Over the last few days we’ve gone through every page on this website and updated it for optimal Facebook sharing. Unfortunately, there was an issue that caused almost all of all our posts to display a small portion of our logo as the featured image. We believe this may have discouraged many people from sharing our posts due to how it appeared. We apologize for this oversight and have made it right. Now, all of our posts will have a high quality image to go along with the post. See below for a before and after example.


If you ever notice an error or if you have a suggestion to improve this site, please let us know.

Writing Break: Back in January

We're on a Writing Break

Hey everyone, just a quick message to let you know that we’ll be taking a short break from posting. This is a needed hiatus to be able to work on the head covering book. It’s hard to find time to work on it when you’re crafting articles and filming videos, so I need some dedicated away-time to focus. We’ll be back in mid-January with regular posts again and hopefully the book will be ready for editing shortly after that.

While we’re gone please continue to send us links about head covering, share your covering testimony (women and pastors) and we’re also open for guest posts (just send us an e-mail with your idea).

Recent Updates: Oct 10/14

Website Changes & Updates
  1. We updated Which Bible Commentaries Teach Head Covering? Three commentaries were added to the bottom of the page.
  2. All of our videos (which previously were exclusive to Youtube) have been uploaded to Godtube. We wanted to have a presence on that site for when Christians are searching for videos about head covering.
  3. We recently began using a new plugin for our footnotes. Previously you just saw an asterisk like this: *. When you saw that symbol that would be your indicator to mouseover to see the reference. It wasn’t very visible and many people may have thought we had no references because of it. Now they’re numbered, display superscript, are listed at the bottom of the page, and can still be viewed when mousing over. We manually edited all articles on the site to reflect this new format.
  4. We added a page to the “About” section called “Purpose, Beliefs and Core Values.” We encourage everyone to check it out so you can hear in our own words, why we exist and what’s really important to us.

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