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Yesterday an article was posted on Christianity Today answering the question “what happened to head covering?” It was written by Luma Simms, who has written on this topic before but has now brought the conversation to the mainstream. Though Luma does not agree with our conclusions, we’re glad she was chosen to write on it. She’s smart, informed and her writings bleed grace and humility.

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If this is your first time visiting this site, I’d just like to welcome you. Our site has many different resources which both make a positive case for the timelessness of head covering as well as responses to various objections. Feel free to browse around and if I can help you in any way please contact me personally.

If this is a new topic to you here’s where I’d recommend starting:

Lastly, here are a few articles I’d like to recommend on topics that were mentioned or alluded to in Luma’s article.

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its exciting to see this topic discussed by the mainstream of Christianity!

Pete Erika Pearson

Just read the CT article. I am thankful for any exposure this gets in mainstream media, even if don’t agree with all the conclusions she drew! Best I could understand her argument it was: “Scripture calls for head covering but since head coverings no longer signify submission in our culture it’s probably irrelevant.” Which illustrates a fatal hermeneutical mistake many evangelicals make. When culture doesn’t “get” Scripture, which is irrelevant, Scripture or our culture’s ignorance of Scriptural symbols? What about other symbols our culture does not “get” – baptism, the Eucharist – are those probably irrelevant too? One of the comments (from “Todd K.”) was particularly good. He wrote: “The passage in Corinthians tells -why- such a practice is meaningful. If society has fallen to a point of blindness that it is no longer sensitive to that meaning, it is not Scripture that has ceased to be relevant; it is secular culture that departed from truth. The head-covering issue is not what I find most problematic. Rather, it is the underlying hermeneutic approach that some of these Evangelicals seem to be taking. It seems to me to go something like this: The Bible says what is right is to do X, for reasons A, B and C. But neither me, nor anyone in my circle of Christian friends do X. We have been doing Y for some time now, and we have our reasons D and E to think we are right- this part of the Bible must be only some cultural thing from a long time ago. How seriously do you folks take your ‘sola scriptura’ principle, if secular culture trumps it?”

Kimberly Neely

In my opinion, she came to some logical conclusions. However, she admits (like Wayne Grudem sp?) that she can’t think of another symbol that represents submission in our culture. I think the problem is that it really *does still represent submission. It’s a hard pill to swallow. But at least she is honestly searching it out. What else would be “humiliating” about wearing a covering?

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