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A Long-Overdue Health Update (from HCM founder)

Health Update

Hello everyone, it’s Jeremy Gardiner, the founder of the Head Covering Movement. Back in June 2017 I posted an announcement that I was going through some very serious health complications. I found out I had cancer that had spread through my body, a grapefruit-sized tumor wrapped around a major blood vessel, and large blood clots in my lungs. Looking back on the last 7 months it’s been quite a journey. Here’s a quick recap of the major events:

1) I spent the first few weeks in hospital and then went for regular chemotherapy treatments for 3 months.
2) I had a filter surgically put in near my heart to catch the blood clots (it was taken out less than 2 months later). I also had to have twice-daily injected blood thinners. Thankfully a few months in it was decreased to a single needle each day (and today I am just on a pill).
3) I lost the ability to walk twice during the last 7 months. One time took 2 weeks in hospital to recover and the other time a month.
4) In the midst of all this on August 26th my son, Leonard Ravenhill Gardiner was born. He is our 5th child. Even though I was weak, I was able to be there with my wife in the hospital while he was delivered.
5) Being bedridden twice I spent close to 2 full months in bed.
6) I had major abdominal surgery to take out the tumor and affected lymph nodes. The surgeon described the 7-hour surgery as “very difficult, but successful”. The Inferior Vena Cava blood vessel that had the tumor wrapped around it, wasn’t able to be salvaged. The cancerous tumor “invaded and obliterated it” so it was removed.

On January 2nd I got the good news that I am now cancer-free. I will continue with regular tests every 2 months to ensure it doesn’t come back. I’ve also dramatically changed my diet to help my body keep it away. Even though I am cancer-free, I am not free from the side effects. Walking is extremely difficult and unless it’s a very short distance I have to use a walker or wheelchair. I have chronic lower-back pain (since June) and because of that, I have to take pain meds daily to function normally. I have “cancer fatigue”, so I’m tired a lot more and very weak. Having said all that, I’m very grateful for how much God has brought me through. I feel blessed to have been able to provide for my family through Gospel eBooks and sales of my Head Covering book during this trial. Even now, I wouldn’t be able to return to work if I worked a labor-job.

I want to publically thank the followers of this site who offered up prayers for me, and also huge thanks to so many of you who donated. Finances were not stressed about for one second due to the generous outpouring of people like you.

So now that brings us to the future of HCM. I have no intention of calling it quits on the movement. I have one more book on this topic I want to write and I still want to create new content for this site. However, I’m not at the point where I can just jump in full steam yet due to the fatigue. So you’ll likely see some new content up soon, and hopefully, as the year progresses it will become more consistent.

Cancer Montage

Jeremy Gardiner

Jeremy is the founder of the Head Covering Movement and the author of Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice for Modern Times. He is a member of Fellowship Baptist Church and a student at Moody Bible Institute. He lives in Alberta, Canada with his wife and five young children. Jeremy is also the founder and operator of Gospel eBooks, a popular website that provides alerts for free and discounted Christian e-books.
Jeremy Gardiner

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Kinuko H

We truly truly thank God for this good news!! You have endured such a big trial with strong faith. May God continue to recover your health and comfort all of your family.

Stephen Bellew

So thankful to hear about your recovery so far!

I would like to HIGHLY recommend that you contact Karen Hurd. She is a Christian nutritionist that has helped us incredibly with our daughters health challenges!

She helps many people with different health problems, and has helped many with cancer achieve a full recovery! I think you would be SO BLESSED by talking with her. I will provide a link to her website below. Please please do contact her! She has done so much for us! I believe she could do the same for you!

God bless! Continued prayers for your full recovery!



Brother Jeremy! It is sooo good to hear from you. I don’t have Facebook so I had no idea how you were doing. Praise God for being faithful and honoring our prayers.
Congratulations on your new baby too! You have a beautiful family!

Hannah Hulen

Wonderful news!! Shortly before your absence was announced this summer, I discovered this movement prompted by a conversation about this topic with my husband. I had always believed that either covering did not apply anymore or that my covering was my hair, just based on what I had always been taught. Never really feeling the need to question it, this website and subsequently reading the book made me see things in a completely different light. And now, I too, am a head coverer at church, even though nobody else does it and it is not a practice my denomination endorses.
I truly hope that this is something that Christian women in the West will start to talk about again, and I pray that this movement will continue to flourish and have a profound impact on more people as it has had on me.
Thank you brother Jeremy for preaching the truth. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Jeremy G.

Thanks for sharing that Hannah, I love hearing stories like that 🙂

Antonio & Jessica Roldan

Thank you for the update, Brother Jeremy! We’re so glad to hear that you are improving, after such a long struggle. And though you still have a way to go (as you mentioned) we are encouraged to see your optimistic and faith-filled outlook!

Whenever you do get the chance to write new articles–and to write another book (!)–we definitely look forward to reading them, as always. 🙂

May God strengthen and bless you and your family,
Antonio and Jessica Roldan

Edwin Muir

Alleluia Jeremy and family , great news and thankful heart to our Healer devine. Just rebuke soundly in the Majestic name of *JESUS* even a thought of any symtoms return OK as can be the case but we all agree for total restoration thanks our holy *FATHER* for the faithful supply. Shall continue to uphold you all. Love from Ed a recoverer in NZ. Psalm 109:31 and 138:8 kjv.
Be assured the WORD does not has even 1% custom all relativism mixed in but is eternal dear brother. Protection for our beloved Womenfolk the more needed these compromising lusty days.
Shine on and Philippians 1:9and 10 your portion I pray amen.Thanks *LORD*. Ed M.

Brightshining Woman

Thanks be to the father in heaven that you and your family are doing well! I love this website and it has a lot of great information and tips for us women who discover headcovering for any reason! I’m glad this website exists and hope the seed will spread greatly 🙂

Mark Hint

Congratulation Jeremy! A good news for new year.

K.D. Smith-Muj

We thought of you often and asked G-d to protect you. You have been a blessing in my life. Thank you, be well.

Joyce Alice

Wonderful news! I’m so glad your treatments were successful.

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