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Covering the Web: Feb 2/15

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

  • My head covering testimony (Little maiden’s journey with Jesus)
    “My head covering journey is part of the whole recovering process which has started ever since Jesus came into my life. I was born in a Buddhist/Shintoist family in southern part of Japan.”
  • Head Coverings Uncovered! (ModestGeneration910)
    “Based on the above research, study, and prayer over the course of a year God has convicted me strongly that I should cover my head when praying or prophesying. For me, most importantly I want to testify to the angels about God in this way.”
  • Headcoverings // Update (Modest Modern Maidens)
    “my reason for this post is…to give you an update on how I’ve been doing with my headcovering. As you are probably already aware of by now, I have somewhat recently learned about the importance of headcovering in Scripture and have been striving to put it into practice myself.”
  • Reviving a Neglected Ordinance: The Meaning of the Headcovering (Truth at Home)
    “If godly women want to initiate a strong change for the better after the damage radical feminism has done to our culture, taking the Bible seriously by wearing a headcovering is a good place to start.”
Found an interesting link about head covering or biblical manhood/womanhood? Tell us about it here.

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