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Head Covering: Not Only Believed By The Simple

We’ve heard it said that those who hold to head covering are “simple” and unskilled in Biblical exposition. The fact is, many of the brightest biblical scholars with prestigious degrees believe in this doctrine too.

Head Covering: Not Only Believed By The Simple

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Did you know that Christian scholars with PhD's from Princeton, Harvard, and Cambridge believe in #Headcovering? Click to Tweet


April Cassidy Quote Image #1

April Cassidy Quote Image #1

Source: April Cassidy – The Peaceful Wife (2016, Kregel Publications) – Page 171

Biblical Womanhood & Modesty

While we hope that Scripture’s teaching on Biblical Womanhood has first and foremost affected your heart and behavior, have you allowed it to speak to your appearance and wardrobe too?

Biblical Womanhood - Modesty
Have you allowed Scripture's teaching on Biblical womanhood to speak to your appearance and wardrobe? Click to Tweet

Alexander Strauch Quote Image #1

Alexander Strauch Quote Image #1

Source: Alexander Strauch – Men and Women: Equal yet Different (1999, Lewis & Roth Publishers) page 87

1 Corinthians 11 (Visual Presentation)

David Phillips (author of Covered Glory) has created this excellent visual presentation of 1 Corinthians 11. It helps show the structure and flow of Paul’s argumentation. We hope this helps bring clarity in your own mind regarding this passage.

Visual Guide to 1 Corinthians 11

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