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What? Me? Wear a Hat? (Sermon)

What? Me? Wear a Hat? Sermon by Rev. David Mook

Preacher: Rev. David Mook | Sermon Length: 37 min | Year preached: 2002
Rev. David Mook is an adjunct professor at Geneva Reformed Seminary, teaching in the field of practical theology. Mr. Mook did undergraduate and graduate work at Bob Jones University, graduating from there in 1976 with a master of arts in Dramatic Production. He served as a faculty member in the speech department at BJU until 1983, when he entered what is now called Geneva Reformed Seminary. He received his master of divinity degree, was licensed to preach, and moved with his family to Phoenix, Arizona, to begin establishing a new congregation for the Free Presbyterian Church. Services began early in 1986 and the congregation was formally constituted by the presbytery in 1995. Mr. Mook has served in a number of capacities in the denomination both as a part of the standing commission of the presbytery for North America and now in the presbytery of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America. In 2006 he was elected moderator of the presbytery and now serves as its clerk. Mr. Mook and his wife, Mary, have a daughter and a granddaughter.
The inspired Apostle Paul established the truth that the practice of women wearing headcoverings during public worship is not a cultural creation but a submission to the structure of authority that Christ has established in His church. His teaching has the same force as that which follows dealing with the Lord’s Supper.

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