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Headcoverings in Worship

Head Covering Sermons

Preacher: Christian McShaffrey | Sermon Length: 23min | Preached: Aug 14, 2011

Christian McShaffrey

Christian McShaffrey is the Pastor of Grace Reformed Church of Reedsburg, WI (a member congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church). He lives in the rolling hills south of town with his wife Kelly and six children. In addition to his domestic and ministerial calling, Mr. McShaffrey serves as the Stated Clerk of his presbytery, advises the board of 89.5 FM-WCNP, and created the website Serious Christianity.




>>> In addition to streaming this sermon above, you can also download it.



Hi Jeremy,

Don’t know what’s going on, but I can’t listen online, or download this message. It is incredibly slow to download, and the stops halfway through. Clicking on the “download” link takes me to the page, but nothing plays.

I can download other stuff, so what that’s all about, I don’t know.

Jeremy Gardiner

Hi Alistair, not sure why that is. I just checked both and they worked fine. Did you try right clicking on the link and clicking “Save Link as”?

Alternatively, try restarting your computer and using a different computer to try to isolate the issue.


Hi Jeremy. I’ve gave it a go on three devices but no luck. It was only when I went direct to his website that I managed it. Not sure what was going on.

Cody Goldsbury

His church also put out this article: http://reedsburgchurch.org/archives/2928
Which clearly states: “The Bible teaches that women are not to speak in church. This is an
apostolic rule that is based on the created order. The fact that our
society is in rebellion against the biblical teaching regarding women
does not make the Bible obsolete; it makes us who adopt the world’s
values shameful and dishonoring to the Lord.”
As I understand it, the same logic is used to support head coverings, that it is an apostolic rule based on the created order – what makes the silence passages optional and the head coverings a requirement? Shouldn’t they both be equal? If they were equally affirmed, what point would there be for women to bother going to church for at all – seeing as how they’re to be seen but not heard, that’s hardly treating them as equals.

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