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Head Coverings and Decorum in Worship: A Letter by John Murray

Head Coverings and Decorum in Worship: A Letter by John Murray
John Murray (1898-1975), a native of Scotland, studied at Princeton Theological Seminary under J. Gresham Machen and Geerhardus Vos. Murray left Princeton to help found Westminster Theological Seminary, where he taught Systematic Theology from 1930 to 1966. Murray was also an early trustee of the Banner of Truth.

Badbea, Bonar Bridge, Ardgay, Ross-shire IV2 43AR, Scotland
16 November 1973

Mr. V. Connors,
Presbytery Clerk,
Evangelical Presbyterian Church,

Dear Mr. Connors,

I am in receipt of your letter of the 8th. I very deeply appreciate your request even though I may not be able to provide any definitive advice on the questions asked. Allow me to give my judgement on the second question first.

If the Presbytery becomes convinced that a head covering for women belongs to the decorum governing the conduct of women in the worship of God, then I think Presbytery should declare accordingly. I would not suppose it necessary expressly to legislate. I think it would be enough to make a resolution for the instruction and guidance of ministers, sessions, and people. A higher judicatory has both right and duty to offer to those under its jurisdiction, guidance respecting divine obligation. This has been recognised in Reformed Churches throughout the world.

Your main question turns, of course, on the interpretation of I Corinthians 11:2-16. Permit me to offer some of my reflections in order. Read more

Andrée Seu Peterson Quote Image #1

Andrée Seu Peterson Quote Image #1

If this quote has piqued your interest, read “Is Head Covering “Majoring in the Minors”? Is it a Distraction?“.

Source: Andrée Seu Peterson – A symbol of glory (World Magazine, 2007)

Where To Buy Head Coverings Online

Where To Buy Head Coverings Online

Last Updated: April 8, 2024

This is a list of online stores where women can purchase head coverings. Though we could list hundreds of stores, we’ve decided to list only those that sell coverings as a large part of their business. Not all of these businesses are run by Christians.

Additional options for purchasing head coverings include: Amazon, Walmart, Target, dollar stores, etc.

If you know of a store that’s not listed or if one closes please let us know so we can update it. If you’ve purchased from any of these stores, share your experience by contacting us.

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