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Writing Break: Back in January

We're on a Writing Break

Hey everyone, just a quick message to let you know that we’ll be taking a short break from posting. This is a needed hiatus to be able to work on the head covering book. It’s hard to find time to work on it when you’re crafting articles and filming videos, so I need some dedicated away-time to focus. We’ll be back in mid-January with regular posts again and hopefully the book will be ready for editing shortly after that.

While we’re gone please continue to send us links about head covering, share your covering testimony (women and pastors) and we’re also open for guest posts (just send us an e-mail with your idea).



I have recently found your site and am really encouraged by it and the fact that you are writing a book. I hope to write a covering testimony for you soon and would love to hear more about your book. Thank you for making a place for this topic to be discussed in depth.

Kinuko H

Dear Jeremy,

Hello, how are you? I just want to tell you how much we appreciate your service. This site which you started with faith and love has been a source of encouragement and shelter for many many sisters including me.

Today I remembered your essay entitled “Be the first to cover”. It was a wonderful essay.
The mission which God commissioned you must be a hard one and many times you might have felt lonely in doing all these tasks by yourself. Jeremy, we cheer you up! And we will intercede for you and support you with prayers more and more from now on.

May our Lord illuminate you with divine wisdom as you write the book.We also pray that our Lord will bring more supporters and like-minded expositors near you.

Once again, I sincerely express our gratitude for all the toils and services which you have done for Him and for us. When we all go to heaven, at that time, you shall be surprised how many lone covering sisters have found comfort and support from your service. Kinuko

Jeremy Gardiner

Thank you so much Kinoku. That was much needed encouragement. Very providential. 🙂

Kinuko H

You are welcome, Jeremy. Actually Jessica (Truth At Home, USA) and I (Little Maiden’s Journey With Jesus, Greece) have
started to set aside every Monday for praying and interceding for headcovering sisters.

We love our fellow covering sisters and we want to express our sisterly love
through prayers. We want them to know they are not alone! Even though we all
live far away from each other geographically, we are near and united under the
same convictions.

We also decided to pray for you and headcovering movement on
that day. If you have any prayer request, please feel free to tell us. We will
surely pray for you. Kinuko


Jeremy, I’m sad to hear you needed encouragement, but then we all do at times. That’s what the body of Christ is for. Good on you Kinuko for your words.

Let me tell you how I’ve appreciated you putting yourself out there, Jeremy. Your courage and approach has been a good study for me. Merely the quality of the website and how you break things down into manageable portions have been good examples in themselves. But the fact that you have stood up and said, “This needs to be listened to and obeyed,” challenged me – still challenges me – to move away from merely, “I don’t know why, but I don’t know why not”, to “I believe this to be current and true” and to say so. Being a male, it is working its way out through my life differently, but God’s Word in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 is definitely doing it’s work, and the work you are doing for the Lord spurred me on to take hold of it.

So, though I’m still far from perfect and painfully aware of it, I’m very grateful for your work here.

May God be – continued to be – glorified in Christ through you.

Antonio & Jessica Roldan

Dear Mr Gardiner,
I appreciate this noble work that you are doing. Many, many times I have returned to this website for information, support, and encouragement. Thank you for your commitment to the Word of God. You are a brave man. Keep up the good work!
-Jessica Roldan

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