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Introducing the HCM Re-Launch Team

The Re-Launch Team

Today we’d like to introduce ourselves. We are the HCM re-launch team.

We look forward to serving you as we help spark a return to the biblical practice of head covering (1 Cor. 11:2-16).

The re-launch takes place on Feb 1st. Come back then to read a collaborative article from us all.

To learn more about us visit this page. To join us, visit this page.


Edwin Muir

Thanks for Jeremy`s recovery *FATHER* and affirm each of the team`s callings 2 Cephas 1:10, Deut 12:13. Let us neither add to nor subtract from this protective ordinance but wait upon *THEE* until in FAITH. For whatsoever is not of faith is sin. HALLELU *JAH*.

Question: `Head covering` or just Hair covering. v 3 Head of man, Head of woman v 5 Head. v 6 Woman v 10 Head! v15 Hair. Do we have 2 issues here, Head and Hair to be covered. And clearly only when praying or prophesying, WHERE.? Surely it cant be a 24/7 thing as we are encouraged to be always in prayer. As a man I am never to wear a hat, when I find myself in continual prayer often, coal miners would pay for this as would site workers, Police on duty, Soldiers at war.
And we guys know that even `some` flowing hair can be a very attractive (Glory) part of womenfolk so in ministry of any sort we men especially newcomers are not put in distractions way at all. I wisdom dwell with prudence says our *LORD GOD*.. Cheers Missionary Ed.

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