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Covering Testimony: Judith Batchelor

Head Covering Testimonies
Name: Judith BatchelorAge: 53Location: Ballarat, AustraliaStarted Covering: A little over a year ago.

Covering Testimony: Judith Batchelor

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi everyone my name is Judith. My husband Mark and I own a catering business and we have three children, two step children, and six grandchildren–hoping for more. I enjoy craft, mostly spinning, crochet, knitting, etc. I also have a desire to live a simple life and provide a good healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. My biggest desire is to glorify God through all of the above.

For the first eight years of my life I was a MK (Missionary Kid) along with my four siblings and then a PK (Preachers Kid) for the rest. I had good grounding in doctrine and became a Christian in my teenage years.

2) Where do you attend church? Tell us a little bit about it. Do others practice headcovering there?

I go to Heritage Baptist Church which is an independent Baptist Church. Our church does not practice head covering so up to a couple of months ago I was the only one who wore a head covering. A new family arrived who believed in head covering so I’m not alone anymore.

3) What led you to start covering?

Throughout the years I homeschooled I had come across head covering, but had not thought about it a lot. I actually thought that those who did it were a little extreme. It is amazing how God changes us and brings us around. I had read a story called “A Song for Your Honor” – where a woman felt convicted to wear a head-covering all the time, so it was at that time I was ready to check out the biblical support for this practice. I didn’t need to spend a lot of time going over commentaries as it was quite clear what the Scripture was saying. I did read and listen David Silverside and others but by that stage I was convicted. I guess what I found compelling was the 1. creation order 2. nature and 3. the Angels.
I asked my husband for permission to wear a head-covering and he had no problem with it. So I began wearing a head-covering to church.

4) What was that first Sunday like when you showed up in a covering?

On the first Sunday I was a little nervous, but no comments were made and I didn’t announce what I was doing (i just wore the covering).

5) When do you use your covering?

At this stage I wear a head-covering during our worship service. I don’t feel compelled to wear it any more than that.

5) What would you say is the best and the most difficult aspect about head covering?

The best aspect of head-covering is that we are making a stand in this day and age where there are so much androgynous clothing. The worst part is that you have a tendency to feel a little odd and alone.

6) What kind of covering(s) do you use? Where did you get them?

I use hats and scarves, and veils. The hats I have got locally, or on Internet. The scarves I mainly got from Garlands of Grace.
Would you like to share your story of how you came to believe in head covering? Tell us about it here.



Thankyou for sharing your testimony! I was struck by how quickly you took that step of obedience when the Holy Spirit convicted you of covering. Praise the Lord!

Kinuko H

Thank you for your testimony, Judith!

Diana Johnston

Thanks for sharing, Judith! 🙂

Greg Coupe

I think its really sad that covering ladies feel “a little odd and alone,” when its supposed to be the universal practice of the church. Good on you for being courageous and putting God’s word before the traditions of men.

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