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Its interesting that only women need ti wear the sing of obedience ..where is the mans head covering sign of obedience, or Jesus?.
This site and others like it perpetrate the myth that women need to be control by men. That you , as a man, feel the need to tell women how to dress shows that you want to buy into the control of women.

Claire Stevens

I think that Blythe has misunderstood Watchman Nee and the author of this website. They are not promoting male control over women but the Biblical edict that women show respect for authority, both earthly and heavenly. Women have been in open rebellion against God since the Garden of Eden. Men have been as well. We all want to believe that we are in control but the reality is that we are not. Head covering is a physical representation and reminder of this truth, and it serves as a reminder to both men and women. I think it’s particularly difficult for women to make this adjustment because of their desire to control men (Genesis – women will be cursed by a desire for their husbands – namely their husbands’ authority). Head covering flies in the face of the world’s religion, the religion of Self, and puts God back at the center.

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