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I’m curious what Mary Kassian actually practices. On youtube, all of her sermons (which I believe are directed to women) show her uncovered. I don’t know – does she veil while she prays? Does she practice what she once preached in her book? Jeremy, have you asked her?

Jeremy Gardiner

I’ll be going to a conference where she’ll be there as well in April. Lord willing, I’ll get the opportunity to ask.


Just wondering if you ever had the opportunity to ask Mary Kassian about her personal headcovering practices? I am going to Revive Our Hearts conference this fall. Just curious. Thank you. I appreciate your ministry. I’ve been a Christ Follower for over 20 years and I just started covering this past week – I’ve always purposely avoided the topic in case I got convicted about it in my heart. Well, now I know. 😊🙌

Jeremy Gardiner

Hi Brook, I have not. If you get a chance feel free to ask her and report back. We actually live in the same city but we’ve never crossed paths.

Congats on beginning the practice Brook!!! I know that’s a huge change. Join us in the HCM Facebook community group if you are not already. Also, please consider sharing your story with us after 3 months.

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