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John D.

1 Pet 1:12 talks about how angels look into the mystery of salvation (Ephesians 3:1-10). So, Charles Ryrie is saying that because angels are interested in human affairs, they observe us during Church. Ok…but why does that matter to us really? Is it, as discussed on here, because angels report to God our doings? I’m pretty sure all Christians know God sees everything we do. Adding angels to the mix doesn’t really change that (for most). So, it may help if we had a more direct cause and effect explanation on why angels matter to humans.

“A likely reason for this is that the church in Corinth understood what Paul meant, therefore an explanation would be unnecessary.”

Why is it that the church in Corinth understood this, yet we don’t? What did they have that we don’t? Were the apostles the source of this knowledge? No (2 Tim 3:16)! So why is the “modern” church left to ponder this issue?

I think a big part of this confusion is due to the lack of walking in the supernatural by the “modern” church. Angels operate in the supernatural, but if we Christians don’t, what impact do angels have on us? Very little, seemingly. So the angels argument for head coverings is weakened significantly. A lot of people take that verse on faith, and good for them, but wouldn’t it help to directly experience said interactions?

If you witnessed an angel of the Lord coming down and delivering God’s healing, wouldn’t you be a little more inclined not to offend them?

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