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Head Covering Seminar @ Hannover International Bible Church

Reformation, Revival, Repentance Seminar

Should We Wear Head Coverings in Our Worship Services?

The Church is strongly encouraged to prayerfully study with all diligence 1 Corinthians 11:1-16. During these four hours of study we will look at definitions, history, and objections raised. If this command is still applicable to the 21st Century then we must obey for the right reasons. We are to set aside traditions, culture, and previous teachings as we approach God’s word. May the Almighty God who saved us by His undeserved grace lead us in the way we ought to go (Isaiah 48:17-18).

12 March 2014
Seminar #1: Warnings, Hermeneutics, Hindrances, Introduction to 1 Corinthians.
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16 March 2014
Sermon #1: All for the Glory of God.
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19 March 2014
Seminar #2: Exegesis, Myths.
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Handout (Time Line Slide): (PDF)

23 March 2014
Sermon #2: What Shall We Do?
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Here’s a quote from this seminar by Pastor Bob Hnat:

You have to understand…I taught womens hair was her covering. I taught it. I taught it in this church…I taught the Corinth prostitute thing. I’m guilty. And that’s why this passage and all this study has driven me to my knees, confessing to God of teaching things that did not have real historical and biblical evidence. And so it has driven me to repentance. 1) From Seminar #2 starting at 1hr 44min 29sec.


 From Seminar #2 starting at 1hr 44min 29sec.
  • Kathy H

    Thank you for posting this I have listened to the whole seminar and am grateful you have posted it.

    • Debbie Kh

      Kathy H., we are glad you were blessed! I am answering on behalf on the pastor, who is my husband.

  • Rosetta Stoll

    Do you practice the “Holy Kiss”?

    • Debbie Kh

      Dear Sparrow, no. Maybe we should study this topic next! Do you practice the holy kiss?

      • Sparrow

        Just wondered..Since to me the teaching of the “Holy Kiss is as clear/unclear as the teaching of the Head Covering 🙂

        • Kay

          I have yet to see a study on this. Foot washing is also practiced (as a ceremony I believe) in some assemblies. I have pondered both topics. Covering, while debated a lot, isn’t really unclear in context or application. Kissing and foot washing require some context for appropriate application, unless you simply practice them in ceremony, like the Lord’s supper.

        • Sara June Thompson

          When I was in Argentina on a missions trip, they practiced the Holy Kiss. Instead of shaking hands with those around you, they kissed you on both cheeks, stranger or not.

          • Sparrow

            My point exactly..I think Paul was saying to “make the kiss Holy” since that was their form of greeting in that day and culture. But does that mean we should also practice it since he specifically said, “Greet one another with a Holy Kiss”?

  • Debbie Kh

    This is the church my husband pastors. Until very recently we have not been a church that practices headcovering. When a regular attender who actually belongs to another congregation asked the opinion of the pastor, my husband, we we’re drive to study the topic seriously. Our friend’s congregation practices headcovering, but is considering stopping the practice.When we started to feel convicted, then the series of seminars emerged. Now the response in our congregation is mixed. Some are convicted, and others are not convinced. Please pray for us. Thanks!

    • Thanks Debbie for stopping by and letting us know a bit of the background story. We’re grateful the studies were posted online so we can all benefit from it.

  • Sara June Thompson

    I think I can understand the guilt. I did it too. When I was in conversations with others in Bible school and in seminary and in conversations with covering women who started attending churches I went to, in Bible study groups. I put forward the “hair as covering”/”cultural” point of view. I even talked some women out of covering. These would be Mennonite women who started attending non Mennonite churches I attended. I feel awful now. Yes, God forgives, but it’s hard to think you may have been guilty of leading others astray in the past.

  • Guest

    I am convinced, but keep coming up against the argument that as a cessationist, I shouldn’t be as this was to be done during a time of early church apostolic sing gifts and the prophesy/prayer was just that. Any come up against this? Any good resources in responding?

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