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Covering the Web: Aug 11/14

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

  • Why I Cover (The Brown Bank)
    “I grew up Mennonite, but that is not why I cover my head.  In fact, I did not grow up wearing a head covering.  I was raised in the modern Mennonite church.  We had cars, video games, movies, fashionable clothes…all the “normal” aspects of modern life.”
  • This Man Loves His Wife (Always Learning)
    A man praising his wife publicly. One of the things he mentions is this: “My wife wears a dress and a head covering to church.  Maybe it is sinful pride, but I feel honored at church to have a wife that is one of the few wearing a dress and the only one wearing a head covering/scarf.”
  • Why I Wear a Head-Covering (Not My Own)
    “I am on the phone with a friend that went to a church where there was a woman teaching pastor. I asked her: “How can you choose to go to a church where a woman is teaching men when the bible clearly teaches that shouldn’t happen?” (1 tim. 2:12) Her response: ‘I’ll give you the same reason that you aren’t wearing a head covering, it’s cultural.’ Oops.”
  • 1 Corinthians 11: Principle versus Practice (Missional Leadership)
    “While I may not mandate that all womenfolk attending church services to have some kind of head-covering, nevertheless, I think it’s a good practice “for the sake of the angels” as I don’t see any other alternative expression of this symbol nowadays.”
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Thoughts from a Christian Writers Conference

Thoughts from a Christian Writers Conference

“Hi, My name is Jeremy,” I said with a confident business-like demeanour. It was just the agent and I, a respected man who represents many well-known Christian authors. We had 10 minutes together for me to convince him why my book on head covering should be considered for traditional publishing. I continued introducing myself, “and I’m the founder of the Head Covering Movement”. As soon as I mentioned “head covering”, I knew the pitch was finished. Instantly, his face soured. Read more

What’s upcoming with the Head Covering Movement?

Hello everyone, today I’d like to take you behind-the-scenes to tell you a few things we’re working on at the Head Covering Movement.


The first thing we’re excited to announce is that we’ll soon be branching off into video. A few months ago we purchased some film equipment, lighting and built a small studio.

We’re looking forward to recording many short videos on head covering which will be posted on Youtube and our site. At a later time we also plan to do some travelling to film testimonies and interview experts. It’s our hope that you should see the first video on our site in a month or two.

Head Covering Movement Studio

[Pictured above is the Head Covering Movement studio.]


Writing a Book

The second thing we’re working on is making steps towards publishing a book on head covering. This coming Monday, I (Jeremy) will be travelling to Portland to attend the Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference. I’ll be meeting with various agents and editors to pitch the book and get professional advice on the next steps to take. A book that is widely accessible is necessary, as not everyone reads blogs. So if you could be praying for us, especially during the conference (Aug 4-7) that would be appreciated.

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