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Covering Testimony: Danica Churchill

Head Covering Testimonies
Name: Danica ChurchillAge: 27Location: Alberta, CanadaStarted Covering: Approx. March 2012

Covering Testimony: Danica Churchill

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi! My name is Danica Churchill, I am wife to Lewis Churchill and mother to David who is almost 2 and Nicholas who is almost 5 months old and I have been married for 3 years. My husband is a deacon at the Shelter RP Church in Edmonton and works as a firefighter and soldier. I am kept busy with my duties as a Christian wife and mother, working at home. I became a follower of Christ in November 2007, I was converted from a life of bondage and slavery to sin and Satan into a bondservant of Christ Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I love to read the Bible, I love to be in close communion with God by using the means of grace He has provided, such as His Word, prayer, fellowship with other Christians and the Lord’s Supper. I am nourished by the Lord, my sins have been forgiven by the Lord and I am upheld and strengthened only by the Lord.

2) Where do you attend church? Tell us a little bit about it.

I attend The Shelter RP Church in Edmonton, Alberta. We are a part of the larger denomination of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. I love my church, God is working in it, and we are all being built up into the larger body of Christ as His servants.

3) What led you to start covering?

We had a family begin attending our church who came in wearing headcoverings when no one else was practicing it, and my husband started looking into the Scriptures and was convinced that it is a biblical church practice that we needed to implement into our family. We listened to sermons for and against the practice, read articles, debated the matter within our church and we became convinced that this was a matter of regulated worship. We believe in the regulative principle of worship which basically means, that Scripture and Scripture alone, regulates what we can and cannot do in worship. We are not to add our own innovations, nor detract from what God has commanded. And 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 makes it clear that a woman is to wear an external covering over her hair during public worship. It is really all about headship, and in 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 we see that Paul tells the church that the reason for this ordinance (also translated as ‘tradition’) that he’s passed onto the Corinthians, is symbolic of the fact that the head of Christ is God and Christ is the head of man. We worship God and we want God to be glorified in our worship; because of this, men are to pray with their heads uncovered. The head of every woman is man and because of this, she is to pray with her head covered, for the woman is the glory of man as she was made from man. It is necessary for man’s glory to be concealed in public worship and for this reason the woman must cover her head while she prays or prophesies. It is interesting to note that all of Paul’s arguments stem from creation and the nature of the Godhead, and not from Corinthian culture. In fact, he states that in no uncertain circumstances are we to contest this ordinance, for not only do the Apostles stand in solidarity in its practice but so do the churches of God which existed beyond Corinthian culture.

4) What was that first Sunday like when you showed up in a covering?

I was a bit nervous but God granted me the grace to to be courageous and confident, to trust in Him and what I believe He’s commanded for women in the church.

5) What counsel can you give to women that do not cover out of fear?

I would say, look into the Scriptures with your husband or father or alone if you are single (with the help of wise counsellors) and do lots of research but stick to the Bible and pray pray pray to God for understanding and for Him to impress upon your heart His will in this matter.

6) What kind of covering(s) do you use? Where did you get them?

I currently wear a ‘bonnet’ type of headcovering that I found at “Images & Shades” hair and cosmetics store. I find this works for me, because it is not flashy, easy to use while nursing, and very lightweight for the summer and stays on my hair (which is long and curly and kind of temperamental). The main thing is that the style I’ve chosen is modest and it covers my head…everything else is a bonus.

Would you like to share your story of how you came to believe in head covering? Tell us about it here.
  • clarinetlaj

    Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this Danica.

  • Diana Johnston

    Beautiful!! Wonderful story! 🙂

  • Nik

    Awesome story. I am in Alberta too. I cover full time, and I am the only one who covers in church.

    • Nik

      Oh, and I started covering the same time as you!

  • Thank you so much for sharing with us! I find the testimonies really encouraging and an important part of the Headcovering Movement website.

    • clarinetlaj

      i totally agree, there are so many women that are afraid because they feel alone, its encouraging to know there are so many others out there!

    • That is so great to hear @rhodanewton:disqus. That was our hope (to encourage).

  • Rachel

    Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

  • srhsmles

    I have recently started covering my head when I am in public and when I pray. Do any of you cover full-time?

    • Rhonda

      I do cover my head full time. It’s a tremendous blessing! I want to encourage you in your recent covering! May God give you boldness to continue the practice!!

    • Zade

      I cover most of the time–when I pray and when in church, but also most of the time during the day as I find it reminds me to be in “constant prayer.”

  • Danica Churchill

    (sorry, I’ve just registered to comment now) Thank you for all of your encouraging words! I read them soon after you posted them, just letting you know I appreciated them 🙂 May the Lord be honored.

  • Sara June Thompson

    That’s wonderful that one family came in and caused your whole church to look at the Scriptures and decide to do this as a group. It is hard to be the only one.

  • Marina Doshkevich

    That doesn’t work. Paul never met the other Apostles, and couldn’t know what they thought about the practice, having been born about three hundred years to late.

    • Christian Filbrun

      Marina, just something to think about, but Paul was at the Jerusalem Council with Peter and James (Acts 15). He was a young man at the stoning of Stephen just a few years after Jesus’ resurrection. The Scriptures record significant amount of interaction between Paul and some of the Apostles. He was not born 300 years later.

    • Candice McDonnell

      Yes, Paul speaks of going to Jerusalem where he met with those “who seemed to be important” which included Peter and James. He concludes the passage with “there is no other practice in the church of God.” He stated that for those who were “contentious.” So Paul did meet some of the other apostles. On one occasion he even rebuked Peter openly for his double standard and fear.

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