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Covering Testimony: Bonnie Larsen

Head Covering Testimonies

Name: Bonnie Jean Larsen | Age: 39 | Location: Cloquet, Minnesota | Starting Covering: Spring 2013

Covering Testimony: Bonnie Larsen

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

I am a home school mom to two brilliant teenage boys. I am married to an amazing man who is a wonderful leader and makes me smile everyday. We share our home with two reptiles, a corn snake and a Russian tortoise, and two Great Danes. (And, yes, that means a lot of hair and dog drool.) I enjoy creating art, crocheting, making soap, and playing the harp. I absolutely love doing anything together with my family whether it’s playing games, watching movies, or running K5’s.

2) Where do you attend church? Tell us a little bit about it. Do others practice headcovering there?

I attend River of Life, a small non-denominational church. No one there practices head covering other than me; however, the pastor feels that it is biblically based and allows freedom of conscience in the matter.

3) What led you to start covering?

It all started when one day I was reading through First Corinthians, and as I read chapter 11 this time, I heard that quiet but persistent voice, the one I have learned to listen to very closely. The internal conversation sounded a bit like this:

Me: I’m glad this isn’t something I have to do in today’s age, since it’s just a cultural thing.

Holy Spirit: Is it really?

Me: Oh, I’m surprised You didn’t know. Well, once You understand the history of Paul, the place, and the people of the time period, You’ll see why it is considered a culture thing…after all, You don’t see Beth Moore covering, do you?

Holy Spirit: Will you do what I tell you?

Me: Of course, anything!

Holy Spirit: I want you to do it.

Me: What?! Wear a head covering! Surely, you jest!

Holy Spirit: I never jest.

Me: But You don’t understand. It isn’t politically correct – not even close! How can I be a witness for You; they’ll hate You! How can I protect Your reputation?

Holy Spirit: I do not require your protection. I require your obedience.

I wish I could say that from that moment on I wore a head covering, but I spent the next three months doing intensive research on the subject. I read and listened to dozens and dozens of commentaries, sermons, and lectures from both sides. Then I delved into the Greek and translations of the Greek. What all of this confirmed was that Paul did give reasons for head covering: because of the creation order and because of the angels. Neither reason was a cultural reason, and the only way I could make it a cultural issue was to ignore the reasons given in Scripture and add a reason based on my own understanding of the time period. Obviously, adding or subtracting from the Bible was not an option. My husband gladly supported me in wearing a head covering as long as I remembered that this was not related to my salvation.

Since I made the decision to obey the Lord on this subject, I can say that I feel blessed and honored to wear a head covering. I have learned our Lord views symbols as important and meaningful. I believe He loves symbolic acts such as baptism, communion, and head covering (or uncovering when is comes to men). My head covering is a symbol of my obedience to the Lord and my submission to my husband. Although, both of these clash strongly against today’s culture, I believe they are precious and beautiful to the Lord.

4) What was that first Sunday like when you showed up in a covering?

I actually don’t remember that first Sunday. I think it helps that I live in Minnesota; “Minnesota-nice” means that I could go to church wearing bunny ears, and people would work hard not to stare (funny, but true). Because it means so much to us, I believe we are much more aware of the covering than other people are.

5) When do you use your covering?

At first I was considering covering just for church services, but as I talked about it with my husband he brought up 1 Thessalonians 5:17, “pray without ceasing.” Considering that, I decided to wear a head covering as a normal part of everyday life. Having covered everyday since, I can safely say it has never felt like a burden.

6) What counsel can you give to women that do not cover out of fear?

Romans 8:31 states, “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Our God is a big God, and He can be trusted with every aspect of our lives. He knows our fears and will not ask us to do something that we cannot do. In fact, I have fear about doing this – sharing my story. Will I say the wrong thing? Will I accidentally offend someone? Will someone become angry with me? These are very real fears that I have, but I feel that this is something that the Lord wants me to do, so I’m stepping out in faith. You can do it too.

7) What would you say is the best and the most difficult aspect about head covering?

Like I mentioned earlier, I feel both blessed and honored to wear a head covering. Having the Lord pursue me on the topic of head covering, fills me with the sense of His great love for me. That is the absolute best. The most difficult aspect about head covering is that I personally know no one else who covers, and that can be a bit lonesome at times. I have several close Christian girlfriends who love the Lord, but none of them want to talk about head covering. I had no idea of how taboo the subject can be even in evangelical circles.

8) What kind of covering(s) do you use? Where did you get them?

Since the Bible is not specific in regard to a style of head covering, I remain flexible. I most often use a kerchief or a scarf tied like a wide headband. I find Hobby Lobby has a nice assortment that is well-priced. One thing I try to keep in mind when shopping for head coverings is that this is not a fashion accessory but a symbol that is important to the Lord.

Would you like to share your story of how you came to believe in head covering? Tell us about it here.

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