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Head Coverings: Personal Thoughts (Video)

A little less than two weeks ago we posted this great sermon by Carlton McLeod on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16. Today he recorded a follow-up video for his congregation, sharing some pastoral thoughts, counsel and concern. We’d like to encourage you all to watch it as well.

Why I Cover My Head When I Pray

A great video for you to share with your friends, family and followers. From April Cassidy (of Peaceful Wife).

NOTE: This video was re-made on March 6, 2017. The original version is now unavailable.

Could North American churches look like this? We hope so!

When my wife sent me this video, I was awe-struck. I just couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful this looks. I had to re-watch it again…and again.

Look. How. Many. Women. Cover! Could this look like an average North American church? Well, maybe your church does look this. I’ve personally never been a part of a church where covering was the dominant practice, nor have I even visited one. Maybe that’s why this video captured me so much.

As you watched this video, what thoughts did you have?

A Hermeneutics Lesson from R.C. Sproul

Is head covering a custom or a principle? Should it be practiced today? If we’re not sure, what should we do?

In this 5 minute clip, R.C. Sproul gives us a hermeneutics lesson while using head coverings as his example.

If you enjoyed this clip consider listening to the full sermon here ($2 cost).
The audio in this video is copyrighted by Ligonier Ministries. It was posted with their permission.

The Head Covering Movement | Promo Video

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