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When The Evidence Doesn’t Match the Narrative (Cultural View of Head Covering)

In this video, I show you an important first-century funeral urn. What’s unique about this urn is what the inscription says and what that means for the cultural view of head covering.

Transcription reference

Jeremy Gardiner

Jeremy is the founder of the Head Covering Movement and the author of Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice for Modern Times. He is a member of Fellowship Baptist Church and a student at Moody Bible Institute. He lives in Alberta, Canada with his wife and five young children. Jeremy is also the founder and operator of Gospel eBooks, a popular website that provides alerts for free and discounted Christian e-books.



Thank you Brother Jeremy for this very informative video. Definitely blows the whole silly ” women of the evening ” and cultural thing out of the water.
Still keeping you in my prayers.


Lots of assumptions here,
We don’t know that the Husband was a Godly man. He may have never set foot in a Church, may never have learned the beauty of modestly covering. His Bride was a young 27 when she died and, of course, he would have lavished beautiful words upon her grave. They may have only been married for a couple of months (we don’t know), so she would have ever remained to him Faithful and pious.

Your probably going to make the argument that women are only to cover at Church meetings….
A woman should cover while in prayer and pray without ceasing. God’s words not mine.

With this, I love your site and what your doing. I just see some flaws here.

Jeremy G.

Hi Katie, I’m struggling to understand your objections. I made the video under the assumption that the couple are not Christians. Being godly/ungodly or married for a short/long time doesn’t affect the points I was trying to raise. I was trying to show that in Roman society (not in the Church, or what Christians do) it was not considered shameful for a woman to appear uncovered. And if she appeared uncovered it didn’t mean she was a feminist or an adulterer. Did you possibly understand my point in making this video or do you want to clarify your objections?

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