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Free E-Book: “Head Coverings” by K.P. Yohannan

Free K.P. Yohannan E-Book on Head Coverings

Today we have a very special free download for you. We were contacted by the folks at Gospel for Asia recently to inform us that their founder, K.P. Yohannan had written a book on head coverings. We had no idea! They graciously sent us a copy and provided permission for it to be freely shared on our site. We read it and it’s an excellent introduction to the topic. Give it a read yourself and then pass it on!

  • Gospel Fellowships

    Great to see this volume out to the public. This brother shares humbly and carefully on this subject not to put anyone in bondage but to liberate and encourage sisters who felt to obey the Lord in this area.

    • clarinetlaj

      very well put @gospelfellowships:disqus

  • This is my favorite booklet written about the headcovering:


    • Looked it up. Yes, it certainly is a great expounding of the passage.

  • Thank you, I’m enjoying it!

  • Bernice Copenhaver

    I’ve been handing this booklet out the past few weeks! It has been such a blessing to me! I have worn a head covering every day for 20 years since i became a Christian, and this is the first time it was explained to me so clearly. Bless you for sharing this!

  • estigoy

    really liked this article, at this time I do not cover my head in worship. Never seen anyone do it before except for Mennonites and Amish women(out in public) so I thought it was just part of their culture. I will be discussing this whole article with my husband and ask him what his thoughts are on this subject. Thanks for giving me some food for thought on this subject. Not sure where it will lead me. Waiting to read more articles and praying about what God wants me to learn through all of this.

  • Thomas & Linda Vitale

    Seemed good until I came across the quote from “Watchman Nee” and could not continue.

    • Which quote? The first is “The matter of head covering belongs to God’s government.” I don’t understand that at all!
      I know I’ve been unable to continue reading things. Even though I know it’s just that one phrase or paragraph, it’s such a shock!
      The other quote is “Satan persistently opposes the matter of head covering.”

  • KP Yohannan Supporter

    Good Work done by KP Yohannan …

  • Manfred Nissley

    Same old, same old.

    I believe he is just parroting what has been told to him and has not actually studied up on the matter in depth. Furthermore he completely glosses over the arguments against his point of view without even actually addressing the point of view. If he had, I would have thought more about what he said. Instead, he just says “you are wrong and stupid.”

    On top of all that it is very evident he never even studied the history of the doctrine.


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  • This is still the best concise smaller booklet on the subject, well worth for believers to read.

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