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[Re-Blog] Maintain the Traditions

Re-Blog: Headcovering Articles
The following article is a part of our re-blog series where we seek to give exposure to those who are writing interesting pieces on Complementarianism and head covering. We are not the author.

My wife and I have recently studied a matter in God’s Word together. It is something she became very interested in and started asking me about. In studying all the arguments and getting into the detailed exegesis of Paul’s language in this passage, we feel the Lord has blown open a portion of Scripture that was somewhat dim to us before.

This represents our current views on the issue and does not mean we believe those who read this passage differently are in rebellion. We encourage all believers to take a closer look at a passage that has often been brushed aside. I was talking to a minister friend of mine about this issue and he told me he’s heard of a few other wives of ministers switching to covering their heads after studying this passage in depth with their husbands. “What about you?” I asked. He chuckled, “I confess, I haven’t studied it in detail, yet.”

Sarah has written the following to describe her thinking on the matter now. Even if you don’t agree with us, God’s Word has powerful truths for His people in this chapter.

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