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Covering The Web: Jan 26/18

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

    • Presbyterian Head Covering (Matthew Grant)
      “The law of the scripture demands women dress modestly in church and given the second section of this chapter; they must cover their hair in church as the hair of a woman is the glory of a woman.”
    • Where To Get Headcoverings (James & Lea D – Youtube)
      A video demonstration of various styles along with information on where to buy them.
    • ACLU Alleges Discrimination Over Prison Visitor’s Christian Head Covering (Law.com)
      “‘Once she identified herself as a Christian, the officer refused to allow her to proceed through security,’ the ACLU lawyers said. They said the officer told her that a Christian belief in head covering was not ‘recognized,’ but that if she were ‘Muslim or Jewish,’ then the scarf she wore would have been ‘fine.'”
    • The Head Covering and Real Life (YourTrueVoice – Youtube)
      “Is there any practical application to this symbol? Is it possible for a Christian to walk it out? Part 2 of the series.”
    • Elegant Wedding Head Coverings (Radical Christian Woman)
      “As a Christian that head covers during church, I definitely cover at a wedding service as a guest.  But what about the bride?…Here is a list of 10 elegant wedding head coverings for brides-to-be…”
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