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Overcoming Head Covering Pride

Overcoming Head Covering Pride

Once I discovered the truth about head covering, I started telling my friends and family about my decision, but only a few have joined me in covering.

As a head covering woman, I’m often left wondering why aren’t more women in our western churches covering? Why do our churches insist on viewing covering as a ‘cultural’ thing when it clearly is not?

The scales have fallen off our eyes and we want everyone to understand the blessing of covering, but when we are met with so much resistance it’s easy to find yourself slipping into self-righteous judgement and pride.

We think, ‘I know the truth. Those people don’t. I don’t even think they care to know the truth about covering.’

Even when you try to be humble, somehow arrogance tries to sneak its way into your heart. You think, ‘I am so wise. They are ignorant.’ Read more

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