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Covering the Web: Nov 29/14

Covering The Web

Shining a spotlight on the head covering discussion happening worldwide.

  • Oh, I Submit Alright…But to What? (Enhance Lives)
    “I believe we can get out of this cycle of slipping back into worldly submission. Join me. We must submit to God…Here’s my plan: Head covering and growing my hair out. A symbol of submission that is tangible.”
  • Headcoverings: Now and Forever or Then and Now Never? (A Kiwi and an Emu)
    “It’s said that the first step towards solving a problem is to admit we have one. And we have one. We don’t like headcoverings. In fact, we don’t like them so much, that we approach this passage of Scripture trying to find ways to avoid applying it.”
  • How to Stand Out in Church (Truth at Home)
    “In a church where there about 3,000 attendees, I have discovered that there is one way to stick out for sure: wear a headcovering. When I first began to headcover, I felt so awkward and weird.”
  • The Biblical Pattern of the Local Church – Part 2 and Part 3 (Inside the Bible Weekly)
    “This section is vital, for it is neglected by far to many ‘churches.’ This is the teaching of Headship and the head covering, found in 1 Corinthians 11:1-15. Many raise objections to it. Many are undecided about it. And some would say that this applies at all times. What does Scripture teach?”
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Covering Testimony: Irina Glazkova

Head Covering Testimonies
Name: Irina GlazkovaAge: 25Location: St. John's, NL, CanadaStarted Covering: October 2010

Covering Testimony: Irina Glazkova

1) Introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, my name is Irina Glazkova and I’m a single, Christian woman who is originally from Russia. I’ve been in Canada since September 2007. Before that, I lived in the USA for 11 months as an exchange student. I accepted Lord Jesus as savior at the age of 12 after searching through many different philosophies. During my childhood and early teens I had been bullied a lot mostly because I was born with deformed limbs and I have had seven surgeries. When I was born, doctors tried to convince my mom to leave me at the hospital because I was very sick and had physical deformities. Sadly, this is a common practice in Russia and in most post-Soviet countries. My mom refused. She sacrificed so much for my well-being. My biggest dream is to see my family come to Salvation. Bullying led me to search for the truth. I just couldn’t come to terms that there was no justice. I used to go with my mom to a Russian Orthodox church. However, I was conflicted by praying to saints, kneeling in front of icons and many other things. While in the United States I lived in Baptist pastor’s family. This is where my faith began to grow. I was seventeen years old at this point. While living in the United States I considered studying in Canada. A lady from my current church (Faith Bible Chapel) came to the USA for her son’s graduation. In addition, Memorial University of Newfoundland gave me an entrance scholarship. The Lord lead me here to Newfoundland. I enjoy hikes, outdoors, crafts, reading, writing, singing and watching clouds. Read more

Losing Baptism: How the “Meaningful Symbol” view of Headcovering undermines Christian Symbolism

The “Meaningful Symbol” view teaches that we can replace the “headcovering” in 1 Corinthians 11 with a different symbol and still be faithful to the passage. We believe that if this hermeneutic is embraced, we may lose precious doctrines like Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

This video is based on an article we wrote here.

F.B. Hole Quote Image #1

F.B. Hole Quote Image #1

Source: F. B. Hole’s Old and New Testament Commentary  (1947) Accessed online here.

The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible

Today we’d like to introduce you to the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible. The reason we’d like to highlight this Bible for you is was just released and it endorses the practice of head covering.

The New Testimony Editor is Dr. Gerald Bilkes (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary) and the General Editor is Dr. Joel R. Beeke (President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary). Here’s a short promo video for this Bible:

In their notes on 1 Corinthians 11 they say that head covering was the “universal custom (practice) of the churches.” They rightly call it an ordinance and say that “by man having his head uncovered and by woman having her head covered, all glory points to God in public worship.”

One of my favorite things about their notes on 1 Corinthians 11 is the “Thoughts for Personal/Family Worship.” I like this section because it takes what you just learned about head covering and then asks you what you’re going to do with it. They say:

“When you come to the house of God for corporate worship, how you conduct yourself matters. Paul argues for proper decorum in public worship according to His created order. When you enter the house of God for worship, how should you act in a way that honors the glory and will of the Lord?”

We’d love it if the followers of the Head Covering Movement would get behind this Bible by either buying a copy yourself or letting others know about it. These men have taken an unpopular stand for the ongoing practice of head covering and we’d like to support them for that. You can buy a copy on Amazon here.

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