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Analyn’s Head Covering Testimony: I Was One Of The Last to Cover

In this video testimony Analyn (a member of Trondheim International Reformed Church in Norway) shares her testimony regarding head covering. She says that she was one of the last people to cover at her church and she explains why that was so.

This is a clip from a longer video where she shares about coming to true faith in Christ. You can watch that full video here.

  • Dianne Plourde

    This was such a sweet and sincere testimony about covering. I appreciate that it was resisted at first by Analyn until she knew for sure for herself that these things are important to the Lord. It showed to me that a true seeking of His will can bring a softened heart to obeying His commands. Thank you, Analyn.

  • Steffen Bieser

    Unspiritual False Christians love it, to deceive other people, and to load them with burdens that are not found in the bible. I. Cor. 11:5 talks about the hair of a woman, not any other coverings. Please see yourself, in: I. Cor. 11:15-16. It is in the same chapter. We are not Muslims. Woman are not to cut their hair, and men are not to wear long hair. It is that simple.

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