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New Free E-Book: Head Coverings by Greg Gordon

New Free E-Book: Head Coverings by Greg Gordon


The people of God in history have always had symbols that spoke of heavenly realities.

From the animal skin God made for Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:21), the tent of tabernacle, animal sacrifice in Solomon’s temple, Water Baptism, Holy Communion to the Head Covering in the New Testament Church, all of these holy symbols speak of greater realities of the spiritual realm all around us. They may seem strange or mysterious but in the end will lead us into right worship of God.

Come explore and learn why the early believers held this practice so highly. Learn what was the significance of Head Coverings. Also learn what the Scriptures clearly teach us from this symbol and how it can apply to us today. You might, in the end, be surprised with the answers you find.


“In language any can understand, Greg lovingly and humbly unpacks this neglected doctrine.” – Bishop Carlton C. McLeod, Senior Pastor, Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake

“Greg Gordon tackles a topic that is largely ignored by the Evangelical church. It is a fascinating read that I hope all Christians will consider.” – Israel Wayne, Author / Conference Speaker and Director of Family Renewal

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